Feeding Frenzy (Movie + Extras)

Feeding Frenzy (Movie + Extras)

FEEDING FRENZY is a tongue-in-cheek homage to the rubber puppet monster movies of the 1980’s such as CRITTERS, GHOULIES and every other low-budget film that ripped off GREMLINS. EXTRA FEATURES: Behind the Scenes Featurette and Outtakes

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Feeding Frenzy (Movie + Extras)

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  • Feeding Frenzy

    A mysterious old man named Mr. Plinkett is keeping a deep dark secret locked away in the basement of a small-town hardware store: vicious, flesh-eating creatures with a mysterious past. Once these creatures escape, all hell breaks loose and it's up to Jesse, an incompetent hardware store employee...

  • Feeding Frenzy Outtakes

  • Feeding Frenzy: Behind the Scenes